Extremadura fishing in 2024

Zander Orellana

Do you want to come to Extremadura to fish for predators and you don’t know which reservoir to choose? If you also want to live an unforgettable fishing experience, this link will give you all the information. Below I will show you the best reservoirs for fishing in Extremadura in 2024.

Black bass

Extremadura fishing, big bass Orellana
My current Black bass PB

If you are in love with black bass fishing, you have a lot to choose from, but first of all you should ask yourself one question: Quality or quantity? If you’re looking for your PB,  Orellana or Sierra Brava are probably the best options, although you should keep in mind the difficulty of these scenarios.

It is not new that there are fish of +3 kg in these reservoirs, but in recent years the chances of passing this barrier have grown exponentially

We can’t forget Cijara and Garcia Sola either, who despite not being at their best, they are recovering and still give big fishes every year. Do you want quantity?, Alcantara and Alqueva are probably the best choices, even though being such big lakes, it is not easy to fish either. If you like to fish from float tube, the Guadiana still has some very entertaining ponds on which you can enjoy multiple catches.

Iberian barbel

Extremadura fishing, Iberian barbel Guadiana
Beautiful iberian barbel from Alqueva

Even though it is not one of the most famous predators, it is a really fun fish to fish, which I personally love. If you want big barbels, Alange, Alqueva or Zújar lakes can offer you catches of 3, 4, 5 kg and even more… Alcantara is another interesting option, especially in spring, and Cíjara is once again becoming a really interesting destination. If you prefer to pay tribute to yourself and be able to catch dozens of barbels with artificial lures, then you should try La Serena or Villar del Rey.

Pike, Extremadura fishing in 2024

Extremadura fishing in 2020
Pike +100 in Orellana

Speaking about pike fishing in Extremadura is inevitably speaking about Orellana again. However, the high pressure of recent years means that it is not at all easy to have days with a lot of catches… La Serena still harbors real monsters, although if you want to try there, you’ll have to be very well prepared mentally. You’ll have very few bites and for sure several “0 fish days”, but if you want to try a +100 or even a +110, it’s probably your place.


Extremadura fishing Zander Orellana
Nice summer zander

If your target is the zander, you should always consider the Alcantara and Valdecañas reservoirs. Zanders have been present in both reservoirs for more than 20 years and apart from having a very good population, we can find record specimens. Other reservoirs such as  Cíjara or García de Sola have had zanders for less time, but we can already catch specimens over 90 cm in them. And finally if you want quantity, Orellana is again on the table, probably the lake with with the highest density of these fish at this moment.

Catfish, Extremadura fishing in 2024

Catfish Alcántara
Average catfish in Alcántara

Unfortunately, there have been catfish in the Tajo River basin for more than 10 years now. However, if you want to try a catfish over 2 metres, you can do it in  Alcántara lake. The Valdecañas reservoir also has a good population of them, although they have not yet reached sizes as large as Alcántara.

By the way, here you can take your fishing license for Extremadura.

Good fishing!

What are the most popular species for sport in Extremadura?

Black bass, pike, barbel (becero, comizo and gitano), catfish, channel catfish and zander. If you practice carpfishing, carp, barbel and catfish.

What are the 3 best lakes in Extremadura?

It depends on the modality you practice but for me they are : Orellana, Sierra Brava and Alcántara.

What is the best time of the year to fish in Extremadura?

Spring and autumn, although large specimens can also be caught in summer or winter.

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