García Sola’s top lures

black bass Garcia Sola

García Sola lake is characterized by really clear waters, which added to the enormous fishing pressure makes it a very difficult reservoir. It is very important to take this into account when choosing lures for Garcia Sola. Only at certain times we will find turbid waters, coinciding with large floods due to high rainfall, usually in spring.

Once again I remember that the choice of the right lure will depend on many factors: time of year, luminosity, presence or not of wind, attitude and depth of the fish… Even so, I share with you the lures that have worked best for me the times I have visited it.

Vinyl craws, lures for Garcia Sola

Whether mounted on a jig, or with a Texas rig, with either a lead or a tungsten, the vinyl craw will give us bites at any time of the year. Being a reservoir with a lot of loose stone and where the bait fish is a bit scarce in recent years, the craw is one of the main sources of food. A slow and methodical fishing, always in contact with the bottom, will generally give us the best results.

black bass Sola
Nice bass in competition with Pedro Lainez

Although theoretically it is a lure designed for deep fishing, we must keep an open mind, as we can catch fish even really close to the shore. The large forests of underwater vegetation that populate the reservoir are an excellent place for predators. The small holes and corridors formed among this vegetation should be our target when we fish with this lure. Of course, the steps formed in the rock or the rip rap areas are good places, it depends on where the fish are. Whether it’s mounted on a jig or Texan rig, natural colours have worked especially well for me: brown, PB&J, pumpkin… and their variants.


hard jerkbait, lures for Garcia Sola

The jerkbait is one of the most versatile lures, and although theoretically it is a cold water lure, it is another lure with which we can catch fish all year round. Without forgetting that our line will have to be compensated with the size of the hooks, we will try to lower the diameter as much as possible here. I like to fish with fluorocarbon since most of the year I fish with suspended jerks but we can also use braided or monofilament.

In winter and early spring I prefer to use larger sizes (11 to 13cm for black bass and pike, 13 to 17 for pike) and as spring progresses reducing the size. Any colour that imitates a minnow is a good option, although we cannot forget about white, especially in cold waters. Although I prefer to fish with suspending jerks, if we want to fish in areas of algae, the floating models also work very well.

Vinyl tubes, lures for Garcia Sola

lures for Garcia SolaFew lures are more effective than an unleaded vinyl tube through the gaps that form between the underwater vegetation. However, we will have to be very patient since it is a slow fishing and we will not be able to cover large extensions… However, if we are sure that there is an area with fish, we should invest time in “combing” it with vinyl tubes, as we are sure that we will have bites.

black bass Garcia Sola
Nice prespawner caught in march

Personally I like models that have a lot of salt incorporated in the vinyl, as they are thrown further and fall faster. Sometimes we can be fishing in weeds several meters high, with fish suspended in different layers… And I assure you that waiting for a vinyl tube to drop to 5 or 6 meters can make us desperate if we fish for a long time with them. Here we can use a wide range of colors, from bleak colours  to crawfish or sunfish. We can even opt for more striking colors if we want to arouse the aggression of apathetic fish.

Vinyl shad

Just like in the  Orellana’s top lures post, the vinyl shad should also be one of our headliner lures in Sola lake. Although the banks of bleaks are not as plentiful as they used to be, the movement of a pikie among the weeds is often irresistible. Of course we can also use it for deep fishing, either looking for fishes suspended or stuck to the bottom. Black bass, pike or zander, any of them can bite a vinyl shad, we just have to make some adjustments depending on the species.

Once again, like all clear water reservoirs, I usually go for natural colours and white. Translucent colours work very well too and the more striking chartreuse or pink colours can give us very good catches in low light conditions. The shape and size will depend a lot on the species we are looking for, the depth and the time of year. Generally speaking, we will increase the size of the shad in late winter / early spring and decrease it in early summer.

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